Company Profile

As one of South Africa’s up and coming Hospitality companies we seek to offer the best and most professional hospitality service with our combined 18 years of hands on experience.

  • We believe that service is the core of our existence.
  • We strive to use the most upmarket venues so that the end product which is Corporate Hospitality of course, is nothing but exceptional.
  • We aim to make your journey with us a great experience and our goal is to become the  preferred company for hospitality in South Africa.
  • 3 Bean Hospitality (Pty) Ltd has several partners who all identify with our determination to produce a superior result for you.

Business Description

3 Bean Hospitality (Pty) Ltd provides Corporate Hospitality to South Africa’s leading corporate companies.

We offer a broad spectrum of services specialising in Corporate Entertainment across the full sporting spectrum including; Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, F1 Racing and Horse-Racing as well as all major concerts such as jazz, theatre productions and cultural events.

Local Events

3 Bean Hospitality (Pty) Ltd strategically creates local packages that will best market our clients’ image. Each hospitality package harnesses the emotive appeal of sports and entertainment to help meet their clients’ marketing objectives, by providing a unique environment for face-to-face customer relationship marketing.

International Events

3 Bean Hospitality (Pty) Ltd offers International sports tours giving you the opportunity to experience travelling across the globe to take in a variety of international sporting events, we handle all the arrangements on behalf of our clients through our vast local and international network.


We are confident that we will be able to meet any challenge, and that your experience will be most memorable.

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