About Us

About Us

3 Bean Hospitality was started 3 years ago by 2 “China’s” who thought the Corporate Hospitality Industry needed a bit of an overhaul. We strive to offer…Blah, Blah, Blah… by now you’ve probably stopped reading, so if you’d like to read our full services and values please click here…



What we do

We offer a broad spectrum of services specialising in Corporate Entertainment across the full sporting spectrum including; Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, F1 Racing and Horse-Racing as well as all major concerts such as jazz, theatre productions and cultural events.

Our kinda crazy

Now, because the Directors are pretty nice okes here at 3 Bean we believe it is essential for our Sales Beans to let off a bit of steam on the odd occasion. Which could be anything from Bungee jumping to White river rafting, anything that gets rid of their Sales frustration and caffeine addiction in all honesty. We suggest you pop in from time to time to see what they’re getting up to.

Our workspace

Here at 3 Bean, we pride ourselves on the fact that we give youngsters a chance to make their way into corporate world by employing them freshly out of school. In doing this, we have created a young energetic vibe without the use of scheduled pharmaceuticals.

On a side note, if you feel you have what it takes to join our office cricket team – We are now accepting applications. Click Here

Trevor Hall

Director / Sales Guru

Dexter Worsley

Director / Bean Counter

Naomi Nel

Sales Manager / Office Boss

Karel Meintjes

BDM / Metal Head

Buks Jacobs

Sales Executive / Story Teller

Gavin Kruger

Sales Executive / Entertainer

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